Bitter Sweet Symphony

by MiniBrew Team, on Jul 24, 2019 8:41:02 PM

The Beer

Bitter Sweet Symphony - One of the modern classic beer styles is the Double India Pale Ale, AKA: DIPA. A Bitter sweet symphony of hops and grains. Going back to the roots of what was once considered the DIPA standard: this beer has a grassy and piney aroma. Nicely sharp and heavy with some fruity tones. Simcoe- Amarillo- and Ekuanot hops give it this typical DIPA flavour.

The Story

This beer was originally developed for the London Craft Beer festival. It was here where we showcased the MiniBrew for the first time to British craft beer lovers. Responses to this beer were so overwhelming we decided we just had to develop it into a brewpack for everyone to enjoy. Due to the high ABV and hop usage, this beer can seem quite intimidating. However, don't let that scare you, because of its refreshing balance between the bitterness of the hops and the body of the malts, this beer is surprisingly yet pleasantly drinkable. Hops fade fast. Everyday a hoppy beer will lose a bit of its charming flavour. Enjoy this beer as soon as possible to get the ultimate fresh, full flavour beer experience.

The Brewer

Ko, our master brewer is a strong believer that everybody should be able to drink beer directly from the source. As a gypsy brewer, he experienced how exciting it is to brew a beer yourself and share this beer with your friends. He joined MiniBrew back in the early stages to make a dream come true. Be your own decision maker and create what you like the best as fresh as possible.

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