De Leckere's Gulden Craen

by MiniBrew Team, on Jul 31, 2019 11:05:13 PM

The Beer

Gulden Craen is a blonde beer with pleasant scents of fresh bread. Its clear malt flavors with citrus fruit and hop tones gives it a powerful and fluent finish, this is a blonde beer with character. It is named after the 16th century Utrecht brewery "Die Vergulde Craen," located on the Oudegracht in Utrecht.

The Story

De Leckere brewed 6 specials to commemorate its 15th anniversary in 2013. One of them was brewed together with international beer judge & brewing consultant and BJCP judge Derek Walsh. After the favorite blonde of 20 varieties was determined, De Leckere started to enrich this blonde with a nice fruity hopping. The special was called International Blonde Ale: I.B.A. Due to its success, De Leckere has included the beer in the range under the name Gulden Craen.

The Brewery

De Leckere Brewery was founded in 1997 by friends with a passion for flavorful beer, brewed with respect for people and nature. In the time since, De Leckere has grown into a hyper modern brewery that brews delicious beers without the use of natural gas. At the new location in the Werkspoorfabriek, more than 1300 solar panels provide enough electricity to be one of the few in Europe to brew fully electrically. The brewer in question is making great strides in their ambition to provide delicious De Leckere beer throughout The Netherlands.

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