Bird Brewery's, Wingman Robin

by MiniBrew Team, on Jul 17, 2019 8:42:29 PM

The Beer, a message from Bird Brewery

Wingman Robin is based on our prize-winning Rumoerige Roodborst. It is a fresh, fruity, slightly hoppy American Amber. It has a ruby red color and a solid, full head. Expect a scent full of grapefruit, tropical fruit and light caramel tones.

The Rumoerige Roodborst is our very first beer. It is in the top 50 of the world's best amber ales on the renowned review site, Ratebeer and has won numerous national and international awards.

The name Rumoerige Roodborst refers to the red color of the beer. The robin (roodborst in dutch) is one of the few birds that sings all year round. It’s a noisy bird, but don’t be fooled by his sweet appearance. The Robin will fight to the point of bleeding. A bird with character.

''The Minibrew is easy and fun to brew with and helps us to test recipes. We are enthusiastic!''

The Brewery

Bird Brewery was founded by Ralph van Bemmel & Rik van den Berg. Both have a background in the beer world (founder, former board member of PINT and both certified beer sommeliers) and hold a strong, clear vision of beer.

The brewery has won over 20 awards in recent years with their beers, including the best Saison and IPA in The Netherlands. Characteristic is the balance of the beers, making the ingredients stand out nicely and the beers remain accessible to a wide audience of beer lovers.

The Brewers

Ralph van Bemmel was immersed at a young age by his father in the world of birds. At Bird Brewery, Ralph can combine this passion with his other passion: beer. With a background in the beer world, a training course at StiBON (Beer education) and a lot of energy, this Goldcrest is exactly where he wants.

Rik van den Berg is one of the youngest Beer Sommeliers in The Netherlands, active for years as an enthusiastic home brewer and chairman of beer society ’t Nieuweland. His love for specialty beer is beyond disputed. At Bird Brewery this Bearded Reedling wants to share his knowledge about beer with the world!

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