Business Update - May 2024

by Bart van de Kooij, on May 31, 2024 1:33:57 PM



March, April and May stood for delivery of 700 units consisting of GEN 3 and additional Smart Kegs from pre-orders as well setting up new partnerships with the MediaMarkt, and others. Based on the momentum, we're eager to share these exciting developments with you.

GEN 3 Delivery Update for EU countries

In our last update in February 2024, we detailed our production and delivery schedule. As of today, all air and boat shipments of GEN 3 units and spare parts have arrived in our warehouse in the Netherlands. Next to that, we have left units in our Shenzhen warehouse for shipment to Asia/ Australia/ Middle East. 

We’ve reached out to everyone up to order SH-5312 with an order destination in the EU. Orders beyond that number automatically get a tag so the order will be processed.

  • In total 425 pre-orders that contained a GEN 3 were on the backlog of the delivery
    • In the range of SH-3678 - SH-5312: we have 30 orders outstanding to be shipped
    • In the range of SH-5312 - SH-5554: we have 15 orders outstanding to be shipped

In some instances, we've reached out for shipment confirmation but haven't received any response. As a result, there may be a few more orders to be shipped within the EU than previously communicated.

End of April, we discovered a bug in our system that cause double shipments. Once it was resolved, we resumed shipping on May 17. As of today, we haven't been able to complete the remaining 45 shipments because our Starter Pack 3.0 is out of stock. This pack is essential for brewing as it contains cleaning materials, hop bags, and CO2 cartridges. We are currently restocking this item to resume shipments. All other necessary items have been prepared and are ready to go within the next week. 

Minibrew_starterpack production

Warehouse packaging room

Here a a couple of example how we make shipment possible. Orders to be shipped in the Netherlands leave the warehouse on pallet to PostNL.


Pallet shipment with multiple orders

Shipments outside the EU are handled individually by our customs agent, Frank. These order get a PU number. If you receive a confirmation mail with this number, no worries. Once a PU number is added to an order, Frank will get a message to arrange the necessary customs paperwork. Once the paper work is done, you will receive a Fedex tracking link. 

MiniBrew_PU shipment

Frank checking orders one by one


Once papers are completed is placed at the pickup line for Fedex/ UPS

GEN 3 Delivery Update for Non-EU countries

Orders outside the EU will be managed on a country-by-country basis. We are able to speed up this process as EU orders have almost been completed .

  • Currently, our team is processing shipments for Singapore, Thailand, China, and Australia. Once these are underway, we will focus on Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the UAE.
    • In Singapore, we are collaborating with our distributor, The Men's Cave. They are assisting with shipment, import, and necessary formalities.
    • For Australia, we are partnering with a distributor who will handle shipping, offer brew packs and ingredients.

GEN 3 Production Update (US/CA)

In recent months, our factory has made the first version of the GEN 3 USA model and testing different components. This amount of progress is within the scoop of expectation. Once the machine has passed all functional acceptance tests, we will start with building the first small batch. 

We've been making steps with UL and are close to an agreement. Although UL certification is not required for shipment of units to USA, it for sure does help with building credibility for retailers who require this.  

As of today, Minibrew and exobrew together have collected 220 orders. 70 Orders come from Exobrew and 150 orders from MiniBrew. 

Weekend Support Update

As our support team is working on a weekly base on request and improving the product along, we started with weekend support beginning of May. We offer weekend support in the following hours:

  • Saturday: 10:00-18:00
  • Sunday: 10:00- 18:00

To get an understanding who is behind the buttons in the weekend, here is quick snapshot of

image (26)

The device at the background is designed for growing yeast, bacteria; for fermentation, etc. - It's for testing yeast in small batches while keeping optimal condition. Aistis is passionated about these things. 

Brew Pack Availability

As we deliver many packs to fulfil outstanding orders, we plan to restock our inventory starting in August 2024. We are collaborating with Braumarkt in the Netherlands and Germany to ensure availability.

In the meantime, if your preferred style isn't available in our shop, you can order a Brew Pack from Brouwmout. We've tested their packs, and they work great with MiniBrew.

For our customers in the UK, we recommend our partner, The Malt Miller, and for those in Switzerland, we suggest Brau & Rauch.

Collaboration with The Media Markt Saturn

We are excited to announce significant step in our offerings for the German market. Starting today, you can order the MiniBrew GEN 3 through MediaMarkt Saturn. We are grateful to have our products featured on their website and soon in select stores across Germany. The delivery is after June 14, 2024 to ensure all pre-order are delivered. 

Additionally, we've crafted a special German Weizen beer exclusively for MediaMarkt. The ingredients and production of this Weizen beer are all sourced and completed in Germany.


Online offering at Media Markt Saturn Germany


Next update

Our next update, planned before the summer, and we will share more information about new software developments. We appreciate your ongoing patience. Please feel free to share any feedback or thoughts in the comments. Thank you, as always, and happy MiniBrewing!


MiniBrew Team

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