Business Update - June 2021

by Bart van de Kooij, on Jun 28, 2021 10:09:44 PM


In the last weeks, a lot of exciting things happened. We received batch 3, shipped the first few orders. We also started producing batch 4, and released minor software updates.

Batch 3 is ready to leave the warehouse!

We are grateful for your patience and understanding regarding shipment. In the last update in May, we promised to ship 42 CRAFT machines. Instead, we worked hard to increase the number to 50 CRAFT machines in total. Due to a delay in production, we decided to ship those units by plane instead of boat without raising shipping cost because we value our customers.

Image from iOS (80)Stacked pallets in the warehouse

Image from iOS (78)More pallets of Batch 3.

Last week, we reached out to the first customers to confirm their addresses and added brew packs to the shipment. We also started with the assembly of new starter packs.

Image from iOS (82)Starter pack assembly

On Friday, June 25th, we shipped the first Batch 3 order along with freshly made Brewpacks to our customers. This week we will continue to deliver the remaining orders in batch 3.


“Your package has arrived!” - The first batch 3 version arrived at one of the customers’ doorstep. The box contains everything from the base station, keg, and accessories.


The user is doing a rinse session including a new hand pump feature

IMG_20210618_125055Brewing Hainaut Saison on Batch 3

Please share your brewing experience with our device on social media by tagging us with #minibrew or @myminibrew. We would love to hear how you enjoy the new machine and your personal brewing stories. It would be great to see the person behind the brewing. 

Batch 4 status

In the first week of June, our factory produced over 200 units in order to make the timeline. However, production was interrupted mid June due to a rise of suspected COVID cases. The local government of Dongguan and Guangzhou has closed off 13 parts of the city (source Reuters), which disturbed the production capacity of our factory and vendors that deliver parts. Our factory is at a 20-30% capacity level and runs large-scale screening every day to get things moving. 

Authorities in Guangzhou are gradually relaxing previously imposed lockdown measures. The factory expects to finish batch 4 in mid-July, which is 2 weeks later than planned.

Updated delivery schedule

We received only 50 CRAFT machine parts of the Batch 3 which has an influence on the delivery schedule. Our support team is reaching out based on the sequence of when the order came in and if Minibrew is able to deliver.

Newly fresh-made brew packs 

Last week a new batch of Brewpacks arrived in the warehouse, including Wiltenburg Weizen, Juicy Double, Bitter Sweet Symphony, and many more. The new materials in the packs have a shelf life of 9 to 12 months. These new freshly made brew packs can be found in our shop.

Image from iOS (81)The arrival of over 500 brew packs in the warehouse

Software update

Our software team has been working steadily on major improvements such as keg lost in space which require more time and minor changes at the same time. Here is a quick overview of what minor changes were implemented:

  • The mobile version of Brewery Portal was improved to showcase the User Actions on consistent height so you can flick through the steps without adjusting to the new button height for each step.
  • Automatically focus search bar on beer & community page
  • Show information about which firmware version you’re running

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 19.32.10

Next update

In the next update, we will share more about the timeline for Batch 4. We hope you enjoy this update. If you have any remarks, please let us know in the comments. Thank you as always, and keep MiniBrewing.


MiniBrew Team



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